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Welcome to the world of DBAP Subdued.  The side of DBAP dedicated to those in service of others.  Look for designs in the future to recognize those who put their lives on the line for the greater good.  If you are in the mix, we salute you and want to hear from you.  DBAP was founded by 3 military officers who recognize the work it takes and have been pushing it up for the stars and stripes for years.  We have seen you out in the system and supported you while you were boots on the ground.  Now we want to recognize you and pay tribute to the work you are doing, and the work you continue to do.  Whether you are on a foot patrol in the Hindu Kush or in NYC, we recognize your efforts and thank you.  Police, Fire, Military and Special Ops...DBAP Subdued has not forgotten your efforts, thank you.





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